How to Avoid Becoming Stressed Out Before Your Wedding Day

So your big day is finally approaching… and you’re freaking out! This is completely normal, as your wedding day is one of the biggest events of your life. After months or possibly years of planning, you have every right to be a little nervous a few weeks before. You may find it hard to try and keep calm but there are various ways to ensure peace of mind that you’ll look fabulous on your wedding day. Make sure all of your appointments for your bridal makeup artist and hair stylist are solid and you’ve booked a nail appointment. Recruit friends to help you organize and make sure things have panned out perfectly for your big day and make sure to get a good amount of beauty rest and relaxation… unless you’re going for the zombie bride look, of course. By going through this checklist, you can rest easy knowing your day is going to be perfect.

Beauty Rest

Receiving the right amount of rest leading up to your wedding day is extremely important for health reasons. Don’t drain yourself mentally (or physically) before the wedding. Be sure to get a healthy dosage of sleep every night.


It’s officially time to give the workouts a rest. Don’t overwork yourself with getting the finishing touches done for the wedding. Take some time to yourself and go to a yoga class or enjoy a movie at home. Relaxation is important to your mental and physical health and will keep you looking fabulous on your special day.

Recruit Friends

Having friends around can help take the edge off leading up to your wedding day. Hang out and watch movies or have a girls’ night out and grab some dinner and drinks. Being around friends can help calm you down and relax.

Hair and Makeup

Make sure your appointments with your favorite hair stylists and bridal makeup artists are booked. It’s also important to have a backup plan in case something goes wrong and you cannot see your usual stylist – have a second one in mind and be sure to contact him or her to let them know. Prepare some looks beforehand and go through a test run a few weeks prior.

If you’re feeling super overwhelmed, check in with your fiancé. Chances are he can help you feel more secure about the wedding day. This day is about you and your fiancé and as long as he’s there, you can rest easy knowing your day will be perfect.

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