Booking Your Wedding – Things You May Not Have Thought Of

Planning a wedding can be a whirlwind. From choosing a dress to a venue, there are so many decisions to make. While the happy couple may be focusing on the menu and music, there are many things that are often overlooked. It is important to make sure all of your bases are covered, and think outside of the box when checking off that to-do list.

Choosing a date and venue for your wedding is one of the first decisions couples often make, as many venues book a year in advanced. But choosing a date is not as simple as throwing a dart on a calendar. Couples need to take into consideration both the time of day as well as competing events. For example, fall is becoming a very popular choice for weddings. However, if you book your wedding at a venue near a college campus during homecoming weekend, there could be obstacles like overbooked hotels and rowdy kids in the streets. Look at a local events schedule when booking your venue if possible. You can often find local sites that offer wedding advice for a particular area – take The Warwickshire Weddings Site for an example, if you’re looking to get advice about companies around the area, including venues and locations then this can help you. You can find other similar sites for your local area, whether this be in the UK or USA.

Budgeting and communication

When it comes to budgeting, most couples plan their expenses down to the nickel. Seeing as how the average wedding in the United States costs more than $25,000, it makes perfect sense to keep that budget tight. However many couples forget to plan for incidental costs. Contracts need to be read entirely, including the very fine print. Gratuities, over time costs, and other fees may be incurred during or after the big day. Couples need to be certain of what they are getting when signing on the dotted line, and set aside some cash for tips or other ancillary costs.

Clear communication with vendors before the main event is also vital. If there are certain photos you want to see, make sure to give your photographer a checklist. Give the DJ a list of people that are and are not allowed to make speeches in order to avoid any embarrassing dialogue. Some DJs will also accept a “do not play” list in addition to any requested songs. This will ensure that any cheesy Macarenas will stay away.

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting times in one’s life. But planning a wedding takes a lot of work. Making sure to cover all of your bases with plenty of time to spare will ensure a big day that is fun and stress free.


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