Bridal Lingerie – Top Ten Tips for the Perfect Day

Choosing the right lingerie is about more than feeling sexy on your wedding night. Your garments must compliment your gown and be visible only to your new husband! You have a long day ahead of you and so your lingerie must be comfortable and supportive for many hours. So how do you make the right choice for you? Here are my top ten tips for the best day of your life:

  1. Comfort
    Comfort is the primary concern. You will be wearing your garments throughout a long and tiring day and once you are in your dress it will be difficult to change what you are wearing underneath! Remember that on hot days you may sweat especially if you are wearing a heavy dress. Choose comfortable garments fashioned in breathable fabrics and make sure the textiles and embellishments do not rub or itch.
  2. Support
    Many bridal gowns are so well structured that you may not require any further support. If you, do a bustier or body suit may be a better choice than a bra. These offer support to your stomach area and are a good choice for achieving a perfect silhouette in a lightweight gown.
  3. Lines
    There is nothing worse than under garments being visible through your wedding dress. If you are wearing a slinky gown ensure that no seams or embellishments are visible through the dress. Choose knickers and body suits that are seamless and unadorned. They are not so pretty but they will do a much better job. You may be better wearing a garment without boning as this can often be seen through the layers of your gown.
  4. Colour
    Avoid brightly coloured lingerie it is often visible through even the most structured gown. Coloured bras are particularly troublesome and so avoid!
  5. The Bust Line
    If the bust line of your gown is particularly low it may be difficult to find a bra that does not show. Consider a plunge bra or bralet if you really need the extra support or just go without if you don’t.
  6. The Back
    Wedding dresses often have low backs and so conventional bras, body suits and corsets are not an option. Try a backless bustier or adhesive bra. If using adhesive tapes apply them to clean, dry skin to ensure they remain in place all day.
  7. Straps
    If your gown has only one strap, consider using a multi-way bra. With these you can remove one strap and leave the other in place for extra support. These are also a good option for strapless dresses as they offer more flexibility for future use.
  8. Shopping
    Before you rush out shopping make sure you know exactly where your gown sits on you, front and back! Take measurements or even close up photos so you don’t buy something that is going to show.
  9. Fitting
    Take your lingerie to your dress fitting. The seamstress will have a better chance of achieving an exact fit and you can double check that everything looks as it should.
  10. Movement
    If you think your dress might move to reveal your bra, bralet or bustier, consider having them sewn into your gown. This is simple for your seamstress to do and could avoid a great deal of fiddling and embarrassment.

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