How to Enjoy a Memorable Hen Party

Hen parties, also known as bachelorette parties if you happen to live in the US, are a rite of passage for all brides. They are similar to a bridal shower in some ways, yet very different in others. You don‘t need to worry about taking along bridal shower gifts if you are invited to a hen party. That really isn’t the point of the exercise. No, the point of a hen party is for the bride to have one last night of fun before she settles down to a life of married bliss. It doesn’t have to be anything too extreme, but it should be fun! So if your job is to organise the hen party, how can you make sure it is memorable (for the right reasons)?

Agree a Sensible Budget

The problem with organising a hen party for a diverse group of people is that, somewhat inevitably, everyone is on a different income and what is cheap for one person is prohibitively expensive for another. To avoid causing embarrassment for any guests who don’t have much money, agree a budget in advance of the hen party, a budget that everyone is comfortable with.

Do Something Different

Who says hen nights have to involve alcohol and pub crawls? If that is the bride’s idea of a good night out, great, but if the majority of the group would prefer to do something else and the bride is agreeable, consider doing something a bit different.

  • Pamper parties with good food, wine, female bonding and lots of laughter make for great hen nights
  • Picnics in the park
  • Pole dancing lessons followed by wine tasting
  • BBQ, bonfire, pot luck food, and some fireworks to end the night in style

Organise Transport for the Night

A bridal shower is usually a relatively sedate party, but hen nights tend to involve more consumption of alcohol, so unless someone fancies being the designated driver, transport is a must. Unless you are having the hen party at home, you will need some kind of transport to ensure everyone gets home (or back to the hotel) in one piece. Limos are always popular, but don’t rule out public transport or a taxi as they are usually more economical.

Buy Party Favours

Buying party favours for the guests is a nice touch. You don’t have to spend a fortune – a small gift for each person to take home will give her something to remember the night by.

Have a Theme for the Hen Party

It is always fun to have a hen party with a theme. Disney character, cheerleader, air hostess – whatever you think will suit the majority of the group is fine, but do remember that older guests may not want to dress up, so make sure it’s voluntary. And if you do go with a theme, plan the whole evening to suit with food, party favours and entertainment in keeping with the party theme.

Lastly, don’t forget to take a camera in order to record the party for posterity and social media.

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