Going Back to the Office? We’ve Got Your Wardrobe Covered

If you were telecommuting through the height of the pandemic, you’re likely heading back to in-person work soon, if you haven’t already. Whether it’s a full transition from one to the other or a move to a hybrid model, one thing is for sure—you can’t get away with pajama bottoms during meetings anymore.

No matter how prepared you are to return to the office otherwise, it’s important to make sure your workplace attire is ready, too. Whether that’s browsing for an initial necklace that will become your go-to piece or searching for a new dress for your first day back, a little preparation now can make sure you look your best when you sit down at your desk.

Review your existing wardrobe.


Chances are, you have at least some business attire that you can wear now that you’re returning to the office, even if most of your workwear no longer fits or has gone out of style. Before you head to the store, shop your own closet first.

Afterward, you can spend plenty of time browsing racks of work clothes for the perfect first-day-back outfit! Best of all, you’ll almost certainly find a few pieces you‘ve forgotten you have, like that bold blazer that’s undoubtedly the perfect focal point for your new-and-improved office wear wardrobe.

Make the most of accessories.


While your clothing itself is important, it’s just as crucial to pay attention to the accessories you wear, whether that’s jewelry or other details. Depending on your preferences, you might want to rock a statement necklace or everyday cuffs in the perfect shade of rose gold. From the season’s hottest new arrivals to the piece you’ve worn every day for a lifetime, the right accessory can make a good outfit even better.

Add some personality.


Over the past year or so, you may very well have gotten closer to your colleagues, albeit from afar. Video conference calls have brought you into your coworkers’ homes and you’ve all worked together to adjust to the new normal in a pandemic-centered world.

More than ever before, you know each other, and returning to your place of work in person doesn’t mean that familiarity needs to end. When you choose a piece of jewelry or other details, don’t just grab the latest designs available. Instead, pay attention to what pieces speak to you and to the version of yourself you hope to be—that thoughtfulness will show in your everyday workwear.

Prioritize comfort.


After months of pajama pants and messy buns, it’s only natural that switching to office wear will be less than appealing. However, there’s no reason that comfortable clothes and business attire can’t overlap.

When you seek out new clothes, ensure that it’s appropriate for the office, of course, but also that it fits comfortably. A particular fabric or style might be a personal favorite, offering nearly as much comfort as your go-to sweatpants. You might even find a particular piece is even cozier!

Treat yourself to something special.


Transitioning back to the office can be stressful, but picking out the perfect gift for yourself can make it a little easier. Whether it’s a necklace emblazoned with your initials or a jacket that makes a subtle statement, you’ll feel a little more confident whenever you see your new favorite piece, making you all the more ready to take on your workplace and all that comes with it.

However you feel about returning to the office, it’s important to make sure your wardrobe is as ready to go back to work as you are, if not even more so. From buying yourself some stackable bracelets to digging out your old favorite work dress, the perfect outfit will set you up for success from the moment you step foot in the workspace.

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