Mother of the Bride Wedding Attire Alternatives

There are many bridal boutiques and specialty shops that have actual “Mother of the Bride” dresses. That is, a line of dresses made just for Mom on the big day. Lots of women utilize this as it is easy especially if your daughter is getting her dress from the same place. However, you need to remember that this is not your only option. There are other non-traditional dresses that Mom can sport that are just as beautiful and may fit the occasion even better. Below are some top Mother of the Bride attire alternatives to keep in mind.

Bridesmaid dress: Yes, a bridesmaid dress! Think about it… there are so many styles from which to choose and they range widely in color, style, formality and especially price. Nobody will ever know that Mom is wearing a bridesmaid dress if you don’t tell them. Designers have come a long way, so don’t think that the dress will be sleeveless or look too young. They now come with jackets, longs sleeves and more!

Cocktail dress: Have you thought about browsing your local department for a cocktail dress in the evening gown section? This a great way to see some different styles and again, the formality of the dresses vary widely. Also, if mom wants a little bling, no problem! Cocktail dresses are perfect for this, and cost effective. Take your time and check a few department stores to find the perfect dress!

Sun dress: Sun dresses scream a casual wedding and can be ideal as a Mother of the Bride dress for simple affairs. Many women love this choice for beach weddings or outdoor summer weddings. You can shop online or at a local boutique or department store. The colors will range widely and the choices will be many. However, many sun dresses are sleeveless. If this bothers you, grab a lovely wrap to cover your shoulders or arms. But remember to choose something lightweight and fun!

Pant suit: Pant suits are making a huge comeback as a hot trend for Mother of the Bride dresses. Why, you ask? They are comfortable, can be inexpensive and they can look just as formal or informal as you would like. Another plus of a pant suit is that it can be worn again and again for other events. Think of buying a simple pant suit and dressing it up with some fantastic jewelry, scarves, shoes, and more. The possibilities are limitless and the results gorgeous!

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