Selecting a Stag Do

The number one responsibility a best man has that everyone knows is key to preparing a bachelor for married life is delivering a really good stag do. But where to start when there are so many different options out there? It used to be just going into the local town on a massive pub crawl with a few laddish pranks thrown in for good measure but things aren’t that simple anymore. From activity days such as paint balling and go karting to package weekends away created by specialist companies such as The Stag and Hen Experience the options are seemingly endless.


First Things First

It can be easy to get overwhelmed at the number of options out there but remember that this is a day for your best mate and your circle of friends. So start by ignoring what the masses are doing; there shouldn’t be any pressure to have a certain type of stag do. if your groom isn’t a drinker then don’t subject him to a weekend of drinking at the new £1 a pint pub in Manchester.

Like it so Share it

Start by considering what the groom really likes to do and specifically what he really likes to do with his friends.  Perhaps the groom is an artistic type who is taking a life drawing class of an evening? This could be a fantastically fun and really individual stag do idea that means the groom gets to share one of his passions with his friends. Plus the stags get to try something new, learn new skills and have a laugh with their mates. That sounds like a recipe for success right there.

Traditional Might be The Way

Equally if your groom is more of a lads lad then perhaps a more traditional ‘beer and birds’ type of event might be more appropriate. There are popular stag venues all over the UK such as Blackpool and Newcastle where venues cater specifically for stag dos making sure that you’ll have an ace time with the beer flowing and the tunes banging.

Record It

Whatever you decide is going to fit with your group of friends and your groom it is so important that you take a decent camera or video recorder to make sure that the events of the night are not lost in an alcohol induced haze. Assign a certain person to take pictures and make sure that they are taking their responsibility seriously: No one the next day will believe that Dave wore a dress and sang karaoke on the bar unless you have firm evidence!


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