Standing Out at a Wedding Fayre

 Whether it’s dresses, decorations or diamonds you’re selling, when coming face to face with anything up to 6000 brides-to-be, you need to stand out. Here are some tips that will hopefully get you the customers you deserve!


Go Against the Grain


Chances are, there’s going to be a lot of white at this trade show. When setting up your boutique, decorate with eye-catching colours and areas devoted to fulfilling as many niches as possible. Why not dedicate one area to the ever popular ‘vintage’ style wedding, by adorning the space with bunting, Cath Kidson style fabric samples, victoria sponges and tea cups? If you do enough research on this season’s trendiest wedding fashions, you’ll be one step ahead with the ability to provide brides with their wedding fantasies.


Capture Their Imagination


Use handy little pop-up stands to display powerful and high quality images of your products whilst surrounding them with examples. How could anyone not look at that towering picture of their dream wedding cake and not want to know more? Once you’ve got their attention, offer samples of food, fabric, or anything they can take away with them for free! This is will make you more memorable and could gain you some more sales!


Quirky Add-Ons

You’re selling wedding products at a wedding show, so you need to be able to offer that little bit extra. Think back to weddings you’ve been to. What was amazing, and what was lacking? A recent trend has been to provide female wedding guests with flip-flops so they can boogie the night away without hurting their feet in high heels. Get creative and see if you could come up with some of your own quirky add-ons, whether it be disposable cameras included with centrepieces or something crazy like a slip and slide alongside the marquee for kids!


No matter what your company is selling, if it’s wedding related you have more of a responsibility to potential customers than generic high street shops and businesses. It your job to help them tailor the most important day of their life, so give it all you’ve got, and get your company pitch perfect at trade shows.

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