Three Reasons to Honeymoon in Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is an absolutely awe inspiring site for those that have gone to see it. If that isn’t reason enough to honeymoon there, then maybe some of these other reasons will have you planning your perfect after wedding adventure.


It’s the Honeymoon Capital of the World After All


While a quick search online may find you some negative articles from people who have visited Niagara Falls, you’ll also find that it is considered the Honeymoon Capital of the World by some. That probably has something to do with the beautiful scenic views and the never ending tourist attractions.


It became popular because of big name celebrity visits, which makes sense. Why not follow in their steps and see what beauty and romance it has to offer for your relationship.


You Can Take the Cruise of a Lifetime


Not only is the view from the land awesome, but you can also take an extravagant cruise and enjoy the views from the water. This is also something the celebrities enjoy doing, and if you book your honeymoon cruise you may just be rubbing elbows with some of your favorite movie stars. According to Niagra Cruises, Adam Sandler is a fan of the cruise!


The view of the celebrities will not be as romantic as a night view of the falls cascaded in city lights though. It will definitely be a honeymoon trip you remember forever.


There is Always Something to Do


While the biggest attraction of Niagara Falls is the falls themselves, you aren’t going to want to spend the whole time staring at them or riding around in a cruise ship. That means you need to find something more to do,l and there is plenty of it in Niagara Falls.


There are a great many restaurants to check out, you will also find an active nightlife. And, if you’d prefer to just spend some alone time in your room make sure you book a romantic honeymoon suite.


Your honeymoon should definitely be something special that gives you great memories and allows you to see and do some amazing things. A change to see Niagara Falls, especially from a cruise ship, may be a one time and one-of-a-kind thing for many people.


If there’s anything in your marriage you splurge on, other than your wedding, make it your honeymoon. Your trip to Niagara Falls will be worth the money with all of the memories you’ll walk away with.


Don’t forget to take your camera with you too, so you can share the beautiful sites with your friends and family when you get back from your romantic weekend, or week. They’ll definitely be jealous, and you’ll ensure that you never forget that amazing view..

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