Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Ring

Something that you have dreamed about since the time you were a little girl is almost about to come to fruition. At times it felt like it would take an eternity, at other times it felt like it would never occur, yet, yes, you have found Mr. Perfect and he has proposed to you. Now let the fun begin.

Whereas in the past it may have been traditional for the groom to buy a wedding ring without consulting the bride, these days, more often than not, choosing the wedding ring is a joint decision as the groom often acquires a matching ring for himself.

However, before you embark on this task, it is best to educate yourself with the relevant terms and expressions that you will be confronted in this search. For example, do not leave the house without knowing what is the 4 C’s as most jewelers will take advantage of your ingenuity.  Do this from the comfort of your home and computer terminal as all the information you could ever require is available online; and information is power. Similarly, there are many reputable online merchants for wedding rings where you can often find a better price than from a bricks and mortar establishment.

Know your budget before starting this process and don’t deviate from it. With some legwork you can often find what you are looking for at the price you have targeted assuming that you are being reasonable in your expectations. Also, if you do buy your ring from a retail establishment, don’t be afraid to bargain. The marketplace is competitive and economic times aren’t what they were.

The most important part of your wedding ring is the gemstone – usually a diamond. In the past t was traditional for a colorless diamond to be used in a wedding ring, however there has been an increasing trend to use natural fancy color diamonds in wedding rings. Depending on their color, they can be matched with other color diamonds, colorless diamonds, or just left as a singular, central stone.

To achieve a ring as individual as yourself, select a diamond, followed by the band, setting, and material to be used for these elements, such as yellow gold, rose gold, pink gold, white gold, platinum, or palladium.

For example, loose yellow diamonds look fantastic when paired with yellow gold, white gold, or platinum. Natural yellow diamonds are actually often referred to in the trade as “canaries” – something you should be aware of before going on your shopping spree. They are the second most popular color of diamond behind pink diamonds, yet are, as a rule of thumb, cheaper than pink diamonds. All natural yellow diamonds and other fancy color diamonds are rarer than colorless diamonds – 10,000 rarer, in fact.

Although diamonds are hardest natural material known to mankind, make sure the setting you choose is practical for everyday use. For example, someone who works with their hands may find a large setting that stands out from the band to be obtrusive and impractical.

Perhaps most importantly, whether online or from a bricks and mortar shop, only buy from a reputable jeweler. That is perhaps your best guarantee of receiving fair value for your money.






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